Northwest heads up racing

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Sun Oct 25 1:43 pm  #1

15x12 Sander Double Beadlocks, 275 PROs & M/T Pro5 ET front wheels

Wheels have black anodized shells and polished centers. Polished/scalloped outer lock rings and red anodized inner rings.
5.5" BS, perfect for 1st gen Camaro or third gen Nova. 5x4.75BP

15x3.5 M/T Pro5 ET fronts with M/T Sportsman SR Radial fronts 26x6x15.

All have 2 passes on them.
Sold car and they don't fit the new one.

Over $4k new, $3000 or trade/part trade for Projacks, Nitrous bottles, Generator & Compressor for trailer, ect.



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