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Sun Mar 4 6:45 pm  #1

Open Comp

•If you car has a delay box it can can stay in the car but it must be on zero. It may be inspected by a official at any time.
•Any size DOT tires and slicks are allowed.
•Breakout rules apply.
•Any and all performance modifications are legal.
•All power adders are allowed.
•Mechanical throttle stops are allowed.
•The following devices are illegal: Electronic, pneumatic or any remotely activated throttle stop.
•Electronic nitrous controllers and boost controllers are allowed.
•Must have two working doors.
•Take 1/10th off your quickest time and that is your automatic dial-in for eliminations. This time will be yours throughout eliminations (it does not change).
• The best reaction time is the #1 qualifier, you will then be put on a Sportsman ladder for eliminations.
• You can choose either a .400 or .500 Pro Tree or a  full Tree.

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