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Tue Oct 30 1:32 pm  #1

P/G Trans

Looking for a spare P/G. Cert or stock case. 1.80 straight cut gear set. Pro Break.
Let me know what you want to clean out of your garage.

Thanks, Allen

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Mon Nov 5 2:43 pm  #2

Re: P/G Trans


I have a stock case P/G, with mostly TCI hard parts in it, fully rollerized, has a TSR 1.80 straight cut gear set, TCI gerotor front pump, hardened turbo input shaft, and a TCI cast valve body with a brake. Have a TCI 5200 stall convertor if you can use that too. I bought a new JW bellhousing, case and tail housing in 2010, along with a TCI 10 disc steel front drum with the plans of transfering everything from the stock case over but have not done so yet.

If you are interested in any of it or all of it, let me know. I am in Algona, if you want to look at it. The stock case has about 50 runs on it since I installed the 1.80 gear set and gerotor pump, was still working good when I pulled it out.  We can disassemble for inspection if wanted.

Rick Zitterich

Rick Z

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