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Classes and class rules » Hot Street » Mon May 18 6:40 am

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Look at changes....pretty much nothing but a little lighter since Hot Street has no rules for2015 we are following 2014 SCSN weights......

Classes and class rules » OutLaw 8.5" rules » Wed May 13 6:42 pm

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To confirm go to for weight changes....

Classes and class rules » OutLaw 8.5" rules » Mon Aug 19 10:45 am

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OUTLAW 8.5 is a heads-up class for any Rear Wheel Driven “Doorslammer” type of vehicle. The class is based
around a small 26 X 8.5 "non W" Slick or 235 Drag Radial,making OUTLAW 8.5, the Ultimate Driver/Tuner Class with
the intention of Limited tire size and weight requirements being the ultimate limiting factors.
Power adders are allowed, including the use of Nitrous Oxide, Turbocharged, Centrifugal and/or Roots Style
Supercharged Combo's. **Nitrous and Boost Controllers are permitted!**
*OUTLAW 8.5 will be run in the 1/8th Mile format*



The car must retain its original appearance and profiles. Aftermarket fiberglass replacement panels (MUST BE
STOCK APPEARING!) are limited to; hood, hood scoop, fenders,doors, deck lids and bumpers.One piece front-ends
are allowed.

(Hood must be separate) and must retain factory grill,head lights, and marker lights.Aftermarket wings and spoilers
are permitted,but may not extend more than 10 inches from the transition point with the body to the tip.

The driver and passenger doors must open from inside and outside.

Lexan Windows are Permitted but must be Stock Appearing!

Maximum allowed Front overhang is 45" Max measured from Front axle centerline to forward most part of vehicle.


Must retain factory unaltered firewall, in factory location.
A cosmetic overlay is permitted.


Forward facing hood scoops,within reason!, are allowed.
Plexiglass Scoops that bolt on top of Carb/Carbs,may also be used with Cowl Induction hoods up to 6" tall.(Call if
you have any questions!)
Fiberglass replacement hoods with "Factory Style" scoop(Cowl-Induction, Thunderbolt, Six-Pack,Hemi, etc...) are
preferred. No Grossly oversized "Cowl Hoods" allowed.

*Air Cleaner protruding through Flat or short Cowl hood o.k.,no more than 4"*

*Discretion of race director*


Door panels, headliner(Prefered), carpet, dashboard are required.

sponsors » Thanks to Flirting with Smoke » Sun Jul 8 4:54 pm

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Just wanted to say thanks to Mike And Andrea for bringing the awsome BBQ food was off the hook like usual !!!!!!

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